Traditional Texts about Yoga


Fundamental Texts

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika [EN]
  • Siva Samhita [EN]
  • Gheranda Samhita [FR]

Additional Texts

  • Vijnana Bhairava Tantra [EN]
  • Vijnana Bhairava Tantra [FR]
  • Rama Prasad: Nature's Finer Forces & The Science of Breath [EN]


Above are some of the canons of Yoga as well as some modern texts. The canons contain in filigree a same message, a unique and coherent knowledge. As for the Chinese canons of medicine, the texts contain a stable message transmitted through centuries, ciphered within the cultural and mythological background of its society.

They are often perceived extreme, radical, without concessions, abrupt, and irrevocable. This comes from the fact that they refer to an irreducible, irremediable, and ineffable reality, that of the pure and authentic tradition.

Simultaneously, these texts unfold in an inebriating perfume, a fascinating discourse, an eminently favorable reality, beatifical and of immeasurable depth.

Each time, without exception, formally, they relate to the awakening of the primordial energy, which is to say to the ascending of the Kundalini. The texts say the same thing: if this experience is brought to term, the person experiences a place beyond time and space, where all desires are quenched by the trial of a spontaneous mystical knowledge, freeing in this way the person from all dualities.

In this respect, Tantrism add to these texts the occult knowledge. It is about a power that resides beyond this world and from which all comes. This power reveals a system of Bliss, from which all beings depend. This pure science of Love is provided ceaselessly by the Lord, realizing towards his Shakti that has all power on his heart, his extraordinary game of servitude and deliverance.

The canons are dedicated to Shiva, because their existence is defined by and for Shiva. They are from Shiva, by Shiva and for Shiva. Thus symbolizing his undivided energies of emanation, persistence and resorption (the Trika system, perfect jewel of Tantra).