Viparita Karani Mudra विपरीत करणी मुद्रा


vparita karani    or  vparita karani

Salamb Sarvangasana



Viparita Karani Mudra, Upside Down Seal, Inversed Gesture. Viparita विपरीत (viparīta): reverse, inverse, contrary, counterpart, inversion, turned around. Karani करणी (karaṇī): square root of a number, making, surd root, form, side of a square, trowel, aspect, particular position of the fingers, doing.



Generally, Vipariti Karini means all forms of inversed postured, as long as the root is located higher than the forehead. Usually, it refers to Salamb Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder Stand).

Starting from the corpse position, bend the legs so that the sole of the feet rest on the ground. During an exhalation, raise the legs and then flex the trunk so that the legs come as close to a vertical compared to the ground. The hands rest on the lower back. In the beginning, the practitioner may use the hands to support the lower back.

The center involved in this posture is Vishuddi (or Vishudda). The practitioner closes his or her eyes and focus on the point between the eyebrows while breathing peacefully through the nostrils. Later, a mild jalandhara and uddiyana can be applied to increase the throat effects. In such case, the focus is on the ebbs and flows of the energy in the spine. From there, the focus shifts to the full lungs retention.

As the posture becomes more comfortable, with concentration and immobility, one tries to play with breathing. The practitioner let the breathing freely flow and at the same time wait for it to suspend itself naturally during an empty lung pause. The practitioner focuses on this pause, while not attempting to trigger it willfully. After a while, it happens automatically, and at that time, the practitioner jumps into the phenomenon.

This posture is known to stop the aging process because the immortality fluid (amrita) normally flows from the pineal gland to the center of the belly where it is consumed. In this position, it is held in the upper chakras.

Note: one should not hope for deep results unless practicing this posture daily and for more than 4 to 10 minutes.