Anjali Mudra अञ्जलि मुद्रा





Añjali अञ्जलि comes from the root anj, to adorn, honor, celebrate or anoint. Anjali means benediction, reverence and salutation. It is the act of joining palms of the hands in reverence.


The hands are brought together at the level of the heart, while applying a firm pressure with the palms of the hands.

The elbows are on a same line forming with the forearms a horizontal line parallel to the ground.

The hands do not touch the torso, while the torso is moved forward by straightening the spine.

Numerous postures begin with this gesture. The eyes are horizontal, gazing at a point in space.

The hands can be brought together at the level of the heart (equal homage), forehead (guru) or above the head (Divinity).

Finally, this gesture also exists with the hands brought behind the torso, still at the level of the heart, with the same requirements. In this case however, the contact with the back is necessary.


Posterior Anjali