Chakrasana - Standing Wheel



This pose is not Uttha Chakrasana (Standing Wheel Posture)


Standing up, arms along the body with hands and fingers stretched. The eyes are open and fix a virtual or real point. Mula Bandha is applied throughout the posture:

The sequence begins with an exhalation. During the following inhalation, the arms are slowly raised forward while extended consciously. The sole of the feet remain on the ground:

The next phase consists in a FLR (full-lung retention) during which the hands are intensely closed in fists. The awareness is on the perception of the energy and the strength that goes through the body. Non-involved muscles remain relaxed (especially face):


Then, still in FLR, stand on the tips of the toes and cross the forearms. The gaze is fixed. Bend the back to the maximum without loosing balance. Intensify mula bandha again:

After the FLR, exhale while coming back forward. The fists are loosened and the trunk falls down bringing the hands to the feet. Close the eyelids and let the breathing loose:

After several breathing cycles, while inhaling, make a fist again but do not go back up. Upon the next exhalation, raise the arms to the maximum while keeping the balance. In this new pose, apply a visamavritti and intensify mula bandha:

After two to three minutes of breathing control, still with the eyes closed, loosen the fists and arms to go back to the previous pose:

After breathing normalization, focus on the glabella point, and remain focus at that level. It is through this point that the ascension starts, slowly and within a full inhalation. While the point goes up, raise the arms progressively as well. Finally, end in erected position, eyes still closed and fixing the point. The arms and hands are stretched while the sole of the feet remain on the ground.

Once in the standing position, remain straight in FLR and with the eyelids closed fix imperatively the glabella point. Uphold the focus and the FLR; taste the muting energy and see the light. Finally, exhale while lowering the arms sideways and end this observation.

Integrate the experience in savasana.