Bhekasana (Frog 1)



Bheka भेक: frog, cloud.  See also the story of the frog in the Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead).



With the body lying down on the stomach, leg stretched and hands along the body, and shin resting on the ground. The gaze is straight forward.:





Upon exhalation, bend the knees and bring back the feet. The hands hold the feet by wrapping the toes as much as possible:





During the following inhalation, rest on the hands and bend the torso. The knees remain on the ground:



The gaze remains on a point in space, always slightly above the horizon line and the breathing follows Visamavritti. The work focuses on the link between the forehead, heart, stomach and root centers while practicing a strong Mula Bandha.

It is also possible to work this posture during full-lung retention only. The retention is as long as possible, then the body comes back to the ground during the exhalation and the pose starts again.

Upon a last exhalation, the pose is left. However, before completely leaving the pose, one can still remain focused on the points with eyes opened.