Utkatasana - The Chair



उत्कट utkata [utkaṭa]: abundandtly gifted in; excessive.

  • उत् ut: towards higger; out of; escaping to, tending to | superiority on; cessation of || eng. out.
  • कट kata [kaṭa]: hip, croup; flanck, side | natte, straw, braid; thatch.

Synonyms: Chair, Awkward Chair, Awkward, Standing squat, Powerful, Fierce.



The starting position is standing up, legs and feet slightly spread apart. The feet must be parallel. The hands hang along the body, fingers straight. Alternatively, the hands are in Anjali Mudra in front of the sternum. The eyelids are open and the eyes fix a point in front of them. Exhale without moving. During the following inhalation, raise the hands and stretch the elbows.

During the exhalation that follows assume the position illustrate below.

Utkatasana 1


Then, go immediately into abdominal bhastrika:

  • Inhalation: the energy ascends along the anterior aspect of the spine. The bija is SOH
  • Exhalation: the energy descends along the posterior side of the spine. The bija is HAM.
Utkatasana 2


The elbows remain stretched and as vertically as possible. The palms of the hands can face one another, or touch one another above the head. The tongue touches the soft palace in Kechari Mudra. After a complete inhalation, remain in full retention and maximize the position by going down as far as possible. During the retention, Mula Bandha is active and the count is slow and goes at least to 16, 32 or more.

Exhale without moving. Then, during the inspiration that follows, go back up. Exhale while bringing back the hands in the starting position. Close the eyes and allow the body to come back to normal.