Simhasana - The Lion




सिंह Simha [siṃha] lion; Leo (sign of the zodiac)



In this posture, the breathing occurs only through the mouth.

In the version presented here, the starting position is the Lotus. Bring the body on the knees, with the hands in line with the shoulders and with the fingers stretched and turned inward. The back is arched and Mula Bandha is applied throughout the posture. Then, the eyes go into Nasagra Drishti (fixation of the tip of the nose) and the tongue is stretched out of the mouth attempting to touch the shin.

The coordination of eyes and tongue exercises is not easy and should be done progressively.

In this posture, exhale deeply without moving and then inhale deeply through the mouth. In full retention, reinforce mula bandha and the arching of the lower back. Experience the energy streaming through the spine as well as heat diffusing throughout the body. Experience the wild energy of assertiveness of the lion. At the paroxysm of the feeling, exhale while “roaring” as powerfully as possible.

The practice continues in this way for five to seven roars.