Parighasana -The Gate





Parigha (परिघ):: going round, surrounding | iron mace, gate of a palace, iron bar for locking a gate, any gate | two birds flying on each side of a traveller (regarded as an omen) [dual number] | line of clouds crossing the sun at sunrise or sunset | Name of the 19th yoga (astrology).  For a discussion of the iron club, see Position of the Ruling Caste in Ancient India in Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 13, 1889, pp. 283-284.


Standing up on the knees, the left leg is stretched on the side, toes on the ground in order to form a straight line with the right knee. The right leg must be as straight as possible, in line with the hips, shoulder and trunk. The toes of the right leg can be bent or flat.

The eyelids are open and the eyes fix a point. During an inhalation, raise the right hand until the arm props against the ear. Then, during the exhalation, go down towards the left maintaining a straight trunk and keeping the right hand in the axis and parallel to the ground. The left hand slides toward the left heel. Finally, rotate the head so that the eyes look under the arm and are located in line with a point above.

Energy work

The breathing follows Visamavritti 1/4/2/0. Mula Bandha is activated. The focus is on the circulation of energy.


Both arms are straight.

The starting position is the same. Exhale without moving. During the inhalation, raise both arms and cross the fingers above the head. During the exhalation, assume the posture on the left while keeping the fingers crossed and the arms extended.