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Term Definition

[ओजस्] n. force, energy || lat. augustus. - The Substance That Maintains Life.

Ojas is the sara (essence) of dhatus ending with shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue).
It is also known as bala (strength). This strength provides stability and nourishment of the muscle tissue.
It is located in the hridaya (heart). Though it is located in the heart, it pervades all over the body and controls the working of the body.


By its loss, the autoimmune system becomes vulnerable to disease.


Ojas has two types:

  • Par: It is located in Hridaya.
  • Apar: It is located all over the body.

Appearance (Swaroopa)

  • It is viscous (Unctuous and greasy).
  • Somatmaka (Preponderant in watery principle).
  • Clear (Transparent).
  • Slight reddish yellow in colour.