Yantras are geometrical figures capable of reproducing the energy nodes formed within consciousness. These geometrical forms are fundamental archetypes at the base of all manifested and specific forms. They constitute a true energetic core with knots and holes webbing and meshing consciousness.

These basic forms represent specific divisions of energy (or Kala). Each division expresses one of the aspects of the energy associated with its power of realization.

When the person focuses on a yantra, his or her mental must be completely submerged in its form. In this way, the individual obtains its vibration, energy as well as corresponding meaning.

Yantras are therefore doors or passages of the manifested (Shakti) towards non manifested (Shiva). Their interplays are innumerable and constitute by themselves a complete system.


Example of a Practice on Shri Yantra

Shri Yantra
(Diagram of the Universe)

A Yantra practice

The practice consists in enunciating in an audible way the bija with the corresponding concentrations.

The eyes do not stop fixing the central point. At the same time, during each enunciation, perceive the field of vision widening up while focusing on the circle that immediately follows. At the same time, the root lock Mula Bandha remains activated.

The enunciation must remain at a low pitch, generating a vibration in the skull. This vibration must be perceived as equally on the left and right sides of the skull, and trickling down the spine.


Focus Bijan Perception Center
Yellow triangle LAM Muladhara Earth Root
Cercle of green triangles VAM Svadhisthana Water Pubic
Cercle of black triangles RAM Manipura Fire Stomach
Cercle of red triangles YAM Anahata   Heart
Cercle of blue triangles HAM Vishudda Ether Throat
Exterior border of the great circle OM Ajna Individuality Glabella

Inhale and repeat up to five minutes. Increase the work up to 20 minutes. After the repetition, close the eyelids and experience the resonance generate by the yantra.



The shri yantra represents the universe or macrocosm, which is basically identical to the individual or microcosm.

Tantric yoga sees the creation of the universe and of the beings as stemming from the couple Shiva - Shakti, the principles of Awareness and Energy.

Awareness represents the static aspect. This is the only aspect able to provide a true meaning. It is the motionless and unchangeable spectator. It is also the infinite space without attributes.

Energy represents the dynamic aspect, that of the multitude of phenomena. It is the spectator always in motion. It is also Time and the wheel of what will become.

The practice of Shri Yantra consists in uniting these two principles – Awareness and Energy – in a single sensation, in the universe identical to the individual, in the macrocosm identical to the microcosm, in the Self of all that is.