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Eric Serejski

Eric Serejski has studied yoga in a variety of its forms, from physical to esoteric for over 30 years. This work led him to further investigate the concept of energy, bringing him to acupuncture and herbal medicine, which he practices for over 25 years. His quest brought him to travel to Asia and meet extraordinary teachers. His contribution to acupuncture span from regulatory functions, academic functions, international lectures, educational promotion through the translation of over 20 books and the writing of numerous articles and books. His present work focus on integrative approaches while investigating concepts of aesthetics, beauty and harmony in health and fostering the unfolding of the true essence within each student.

Further information on his work can be found at: Eric Serejski.


What is Yoga Rasa योग रस

Yogarasa proposes an integrated and progressive well-being system. Methods rely on practice and supportive education materials. They aim towards ability for students to adapt and modify intelligently the program to his or her life. As such, Yogarasa is pragmatic and rational, while maintaining deep spiritual individual and societal components.

Build on the concepts alluded by the term (rasa) रस, this form of yoga invites the student to journey into the essence of asanas and pranayama and their intricate combinations. It is a journey into forms and dynamics of sequences leading towards the perception of oneself as an esthetic experience.

Departing from most styles of acupuncture, Yogaras offersa coherent system based on the integration of three models of the human being: Western, Chinese and Indian. The integration involves anatomy, physiology and physio-pathology. This integration furthers into the method of teaching: asanas are explored in their intricate dimensions while being used as supportive media to enhance the different facets of pranyama. Included are also the use of bandhas and the expendended understanding of nadhis through the acupuncture meridians model.

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