Mandukasana - The Frog



Manduka (maṇḍūka) मण्डूक : frog, tree of Damocles, machine like a frog, sole of a horse's hoof , toad, kind of coitus.  The term mostly refers to मण्डूक manduk (the flower) or Oroxylum indicum (Syn. Bignonia indica, Calosanthes indica)- Broken bones tree, Tree of Damocles, Indian Trumpet Flower, Sonpatha, Midnight horror. See also Bhadrasana.




The Frog is to compare also with the Butterfly (aka Bhadrasana).  See "Frog and Toad."



The starting position is badrasana with the feet behind.




Then, raise the pelvis and move forward using the hands, while keeping the feet together touching and not moving.



Then, find the appropriate distance: the hands are turned towards the body, in line with the shoulder and the feet still touching.



Finally, raise the head, eyelids open, and fix a point above with intensity.



The difficulty in this posture is to keep the pelvis girdle relaxed and to maintain the two feet in contact.

The breathing follows Visamavritti or an easier rhythm based on 1/2/2/0. Mula Bandha is applied in order to link the root.



From the final position, spread the legs and bring them into a parallel.