Ushtrasana - The Camel


Ushtrasana 1


उष्ट्र ustra [uṣṭra]: buffalo; camel.



The starting point is standing up on the knee. The knees spread apart and the feet are in line with them, with the toes spread on the ground.

During an exhalation, the trunk goes backward, using one hand as a support: the hand rests on the corresponding heel. Then, the trunk continues to go backward while the other hand goes to its corresponding heel. Then, the head tilts backward. The pelvis must stretch forward.

Ushtrasana 2


The eyelids are open, with the eyes in Shambavi Mudra. The tongue is in Khechari Mudra. The root is locked into Mula Bandha throughout the posture.

The breathing follows Visamavritti(1). During the full retention, mula bandha is intensified. The ideal practice should be expended from 3 minutes to 5, and then to 10.

The return to the initial position occurs during an inhalation. It is suggested to come back slowly, taking support one hand first and then releasing this support as well. During an exhalation, enter into the integration posture to witness the effects.

(1) 3/6/6/0 then 4/8/8/0 and then 3/12/6/0 and finally 4/16/8/0 etc...