Shiva, Lord of Dance


Rasa: the "taste" or essence of any impression; the aesthetic experience in transcendence; the emotional fulfillment of the soul; nectar of life.

In the Natyasastra, Bharata says that the experience of aesthetic appreciation is a brother (sahodara) of the infinite bliss (Brahmananda) that is Brahman.

Tantrism is closely associated with the esthetic experience. The esthetic experience, triggered by an image, a musical composition, a scene, or an event, can generate a true, vibrant and deep emotion. When the emotion and the personal equation coincide, the person is projected in the depth of her being and a spontaneous joy occurs. The person is carried in the field of conscience represented by Buddhi, first impersonal Tattva, expressing the intuition and the intelligence of the heart.

Ordinarily, these occasions remain rare and unpredictable. However, the tantrika (tantric practitioner) through his practice and through his efforts in the mastery of his life, attempts to trigger this energetic mutation. The tantrika incorporate his immediate and ordinary surroundings in his sphere of consciousness and action

When Shakti manifests, she triggers incredible esthetic experiences. This state is known as Rasa Loka.

Rasa Loka is a plan unimaginable to the ordinary understanding. It is the one of esthetics and beauty. It is also the one of taste, of the capacity to taste the world and its experiences, to feel the sensation as pure vibrations, a direct and pure touch, without any interaction with an personal element. Rasa brings the universal manifestation to a depthless unfolding of beauty and harmony. All in us carries the mark of the beauty since no degradation linked to the destructive and painful tendencies of the lower plans contaminates Rasa. Be it about creation or destruction, about furious and violent forces or about beneficial forces of nature, be it sufferance and agony, or happiness, all without exceptions appear as spotless beauty and esthetics. The yogi who tastes the tastes of the world, with his conscience immerged in Rasa, escapes the mental, intellectual and moral limitations of the ego. He sees only love and harmony in the universal manifestation, in the beings present in it and in himself.