Svadhisthana Charka




Svadhisthana Charka, the 'Pubic Center', corresponds to the prostate plexus, at the root of the genital apparatus. It is a lotus with six vermillion petals corresponding to the letters ba, bha, ma, ya, ra , la. The region within this lotus is white, shiny and damp.


  • Ruler: half-moon
  • Tattva: water
  • Mantra: VAM
  • Relationships
    • Constrictive force of physical matter
    • Tanmatra of taste
    • Perception organ: tongue, with taste
    • Action: sex, with procreation
    • Energy: Vyana
    • Tissue: Fat system

The vehicle of the VAM Bija is Makara, the legendary crocodile, swamp monster. It is said that the mantra VAM is immaculate, clear like the autumn moon.

The name of this chakra signifies “the very own dwelling” of the Shakti.

The emotional correspondences are: sensual desire, fatigue, aversion, shame. This chakra is linked to strength. In the ordinary person, this strength generates all thirsts.

This chakra is the dwelling of the God Vishnu, preserving aspect of the Divinity. Its Shakti is Rakini. The God is represented with four arms holing in their hands a shell, a disk, a lotus and a mass. He is of blue shiny color; he wears yellow clothes. One invokes his protection. The goddess has the color of a blue lotus. The beauty of her body is enhanced by her four arms holding a trident, a lotus, a drum and a spear. She has three eyes and looks dreadful. She wears celestial clothes and ornaments. Her spirit is stimulated by the absorption of the ambrosia drink that goes down from Sahasrara.


  • Sat-Cakra-Nirupana [EN] translated by John Woodroffe (alias Arthur Avalon)