Sahasrara Chakra




Sahasrara Chakra, the '1000 Petals Center' or '1000 Petals Lotus', is described as being out of the body, above the head, at the level of the fontanel. The number for this chakra does not correspond to a same number of prana streams as it is for the other chakras. However, it appears to allude to an idea of size. The inverse triangle of the great Yoni appears again here in the symbolism. Here, it is not represented with a linga but with the “supreme point” as representing the emptiness, the unconditioned, or the unlimited.

In the infinity of space, the being contemplates his native glory. Nothing that could be known or unknown can happen to be exterior to him. Having nothing that limits him, he is absolute freedom, non-conditioned totality. He is the Sovereign, his Majesty, the King of all that is. In Sahasrara, the Shakti is without residues: she is under the shape of Shiva, freed. She is one with the body of her spouse in something higher than either one of them and corresponding to the stateless state.

Hence, Sahasrara is not a center like the others. If it is called Center, it is only for a reason of uniformity of language. It is indeed located “outside” of the body, on a point where the axial line goes above the skull. Since the body corresponds to the universe, the location of transcendence beyond the cosmos, Sahasrara is therefore located by analogy above the body. With regard to this, the emptiness appears as the transcendental aspect while the whole of the 36 tattvas, which is full, appears as the immanent aspect.


  • Sat-Cakra-Nirupana [EN] translated by John Woodroffe (alias Arthur Avalon)