Anahata Chakra




Anahata Chakra, the 'Heart center', corresponds to the cardiac plexus, at the level of the heart. It is a 12-petals lotus, of the scarlet color of the Bandhuka flower. These petals correspond to the letters ka, kha, ga, gha, na, ca, cha, ja, jha, na, ia, iha.

The center is of smoky grey color. The Vedantic interpretation suggests that it is the smoke surrounding the atman of the living being, before he has attained "knowledge". Its sign is the six-branches star, or seal of Salomon, formed by two entwined triangles in equilibrium. It is like the celestial trees of wishes, providing more than one can desire. It is symbol of wind, air tattva corresponding to this chakra.

The associated mantra is YAM. It is in relationship with:

  1. What moves in the physical realm
  2. The tanmatra of touch, the skin sensory organ, and the action of the hands with grasping
  3. The non-breathing
  4. The blood system


  • Sat-Cakra-Nirupana [EN] translated by John Woodroffe (alias Arthur Avalon)