Prakāṇḍāsana – Arm Activation 2

Prakāṇḍāsana (prakāṇḍa प्रकाण्ड, arm) is the Arm Activation 2. It can be practiced after gomukha or instead of it.


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The initial stages are identical to those of Gomukah. Sitting down in a comfortable position, the left arm is raised up, the elbow bent and the left forearm and hand brought towards the center of the shoulder blades. Then, the right arm is brought up over the head and the right hand grasp and hold the left elbow. In this position, the right arm and hand pull the left elbow towards the right, behind the head. The left elbow is initially raised to the vertical in line with the trunk before sliding to the right behind the head.

Keypoint: The left shoulder should rotate slightly backwards so that when the arm is brought to the right it passes behind the head, which is minimally tilted forward or to the side.


Same as Gomukah.


Pratyāhara - dhāraṇā
Same as Gomukah.