Shambhavi Mudra शाम्भवी


In this gesture, the eyes converge upward as if trying to see a point located at the level of the fontanel.

This gesture is always accompanied by Mula Bhanda. In this way the root center and the upper center are linked.



Shambhavi शाम्भवी) ( sāmbhavī). Red lodhra tree, probability, kind of blue-flowering durva grass. Also called "Eyebrow center gazing".



One must imagine the link between the two points, through the conduit of the spinal column. A dark point can be imagined in the root center, a red one in the heart center and a white one in the upper center.

In addition, one must generate the feeling of ascending motion between the bottom and top centers, going through the heart one.

Compare with Agochari mudra



Gheranda samhita [FR]