Chakrasana - The Wheel [चक्र आसन]


Etymology and Synonyms

  • From Sanskrit cakra चक्र: wheel, circle, point
  • Backward Somersault
According to scriptures, regular practice of 'Chakrasana' takes the yogi out of cycle of birth and death.


Chakrasana is a physically demanding posture. Power and flexibility are required and it is a major yoga posture. It is reputed to promote the energy centers along the spine. It is therefore a complete posture involving all centers.

Phase 1


In this first phase, the body lies on the back. The legs are bent with the heels touching the buttocks if possible. The feet rest firmly on the ground. The hands are then placed on both sides of the head at the level of the ears. The tips of the fingers face towards the shoulders. Elbows are facing the ceiling.

Phase 2:


The pelvis is raised while using the head as a support. This is an intermediary posture and the practitioner insures being able to execute it before moving to the complete position.

Note: This posture is forbidden in case of vertebral pathologies.

Phase 3

The body is raised, and the arms stretched as much as possible. The pelvis goes upwards and the head tilts backwards. A point on the ground is gazed.
Mula bandha is established.
The focus is on perceiving the circulation of energy, while not blocking the breathing and attempting to use only the muscles necessary to hold the position, relaxing the others, and stretching those involved.


  1. One who has undergone abdominal surgery should avoid stretching fully during this asana.
  2. People with High BP and other heart troubles should avoid doing this exercise.
  3. Pregnant women should avoid doing this asana.