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Yoga teacher

Over thirty years of experience


Eric Serejski

Eric Serejski has studied yoga for over 40 years. This work led him to further investigate the concept of energy, bringing him to acupuncture and herbal medicine, which he practices for about 30 years. His quest brought him to travel to Asia and meet extraordinary teachers. His experience includes regulatory and academic functions, international lectures, educational promotion through the translation of over 20 books and the writing of numerous articles and books. His present work focus on integrative approaches while investigating concepts of aesthetics, beauty and harmony in health and fostering the unfolding of the true essence within each student.



  • Fields of investigation: Integrated Physiological Meta-model (Western, Chinese and Indian) and applications.
  • Areas of interest: Aging dynamics and stabilization, Social dynamics, transmission of information, esoteric traditions, Zen-swimming.


Lecturer, interpreter, consultant

  • Futher information: Trigrams Acupuncture.
  • Yoga Workshops- 2019 to present
    • Trigrams Yoga - Stretching, Postures and Sequencing – Understand, combine and enhance. NCCAOM Accredited.
    • Trigrams Yoga – Laterality, ANS harmonization and Cerebellar harmonization. NCCAOM Accredited.
    • Trigrams Yoga - Psycho-physiological traits (dosas), lines of energy (nadis) and points (marmas). NCCAOM Accredited.
    • Aging brain health – From individual to societal. An answer for WHO call for actions. NCCAOM Accredited.
    • Trigrams Yoga - Prana Hatha concepts and applications
    • Lyme disease and Yoga
    • PTSD and Yoga
    • Yoga - Enhancing Corporate Executive Performance Management
  • Distant Learning - Sixteen lectures for professionals. NCCAOM Accredited.
  • Seminars - Seventeen lectures available upon reques. NCCAOM Accredited.
  • Consultant - 2020. Nogier's School of Auriculotherapy. Lyon, Paris. 1/17-1/27.
  • Teacher - 2020. Battlefield Acupuncture Seminar - Berlington, VE. 2/6-2/8.
  • Interpreter - 2020. Auriculotherapy - VAS. R. Nogier. Denver, CO. 4/30-5/3. 
  • Brain health and aging - 2019 - Lectures.
    • Rotary Club - Frederick, MD: 2019 series of nine mini-lectures.
    • Rotary Club - MD Regional: Healthy Members, Healthy Club, Healthy Community.


 Yoga Group and Private sessions

  • Yoga by appointments only: 240.688.3431
    Virginia (Tysons); Maryland (Bethesda)
    Futher information: Welnessyoga or Yogarasa (positions, texts, ...)


Acupuncture Practice

  • Acupuncture by appointments only: 240.688.3431
    Ninotch. Virginia (Tysons); Maryland (Bethesda).
    Futher information: Ninotch.




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